QSL info

Hi! I have some stuff in my shack which I don't use long time. Some of them I decided to sale.

 4M power amplifier module. 

NEW not used.

Price: 160,- €

Kenwood TL-922 amplifier. Used, good visual and technical condition. Band switch is repaired, and also I made some mods. Plus TX adapter for low voltage commutation like FT-2000 Price: 1000,- €
Amplifier TE Systems 1452G 144 Mhz (400W) Used, good visual and technical condition. I use this amp. only two times. I haven't use it in the last 12 years. Price: 450,- €
Power supply Microset PTS-150 Used, I put in case A and V meter. Maximum continuous current 50 A, peak 55A, 13.5V. Price: 150,- €
Yaesu SP-2000 Desktop Speaker USED good condition. price: 110,- €
IC-R7100 USED good condition. +3.5MM USB Programming for ICOM IC R7000 price: 400,- €
SWM3-0915 SWR Meter Used, but good condition. SWM3-0915 SWR Meter without SWR sensor. Inofo in “Foxdela” page “Lietots SWM3-0915 SWR Meter” Taisīts no „foxdelta” atsūtītā konstruktora. Pilna informācija šeit: SWM3-0915 Tirgojas bez SWR –sensora price: 45,- € SWR sensors. Max jauda 1000W price: 25,- €
MFJ-1263 Microphone Control Centre Used, but good condition. Two cables for Yaesu and Kenwood transceiver. price: 80,- €
MFJ-993B automatic HF antenna tuner Used, but good condition. price: 230,- €
DAIWA CN-801V Used. 140-525 MHz, 200W, Connectors N, Size of case 155x109x120. price: 99,- €
Kenwood RC2000 mobile controller New with package. Ideal or the TS-2000 series for those wishing to operate their transceiver in a mobile environment. price: 260,- €
Delock PCMCIA adapter 2 x serial. Condition - Used. The Delock PCMCIA adapter, PC-Card to serial expands your notebook by two serial ports. Specification • 2 x RS-232 9 pin DB9 connector • 16-Bit PC-Card • FIFO: 128 byte • Compatible with 16C950 UART, 16C550 UART • Data transfer rate up to 460 Kbps System requirements • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/XP-64/Vista/Vista-64/7/7-64 • one free PCMCIA slot price: 20,- €
TETRODE GU-13 Condition - NEW Filament voltage 10 V Filament current 4.7 - 5.5 A Mutual conductance 3.1 to 4.9 mA/V Output power 0.1 kW Maximum anode voltage 2kV Maximum operating frequency 30MHz price per one: 20,- €
GK-71 SOCKET Condition - Used. price per one: ......... €
Pentode GK-71 Condition - NEW Mass: 320g; Filament voltage: 20 V; Filament current: 2.7 - 3.5 A; Normal anode voltage: 1,5 kV; Mutual conductance: 3.1 to 4.9 mA/V; Gain coefficient: 4 to 6; Output power: 125 W; Maximum anode voltage: 2 kV; Maximum operating frequency: 20 MHz. price per one: 15,- €
Unfinished 500W power amplifier. Basically built on K7ES writes in "QTC" magazine. (December 1982.) Transistors MRF-150 (Mosfet) Power output 500W Power supply 24V price: 90,- €
TETRODE GU-74B Condition - NEW (green stripe on the tubes.) Heater voltage: 12,6 V; Heater current: 3,3 - 3.9 A; Normal anode voltage: 2 kV; Mutual conductance: 26 to 38 mA/V; Grid 2 voltage: 300 V; Grid 1 voltage: 150V (negative) Output power: 550 W; Maximum operating frequency: 250 MHz. price: 80,- €
YF-122S SSB filter for FT-857 Condition - USED price: 90,- €
YK-88C-1 CW filter for FT-570 & TS-450 Condition - USED price: 80,- €
MFJ-949D Condition - USED price: 80,- €
to be continued .....